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About Product
key features of IMASS Robot Cleaner:
1) Two Intelligent Brains: Dual–core Processor SOC IC + Dynamic Calculation IC, high efficiency & energy saving;  self-learning ability let our robot smarter!
2) Japanese Nidec BLDC motor, high efficiency, strong suction power and low noise;
3) ESLAM map creation, 98.79% cleaning coverage rate, much better than others !
4) GYRO Accurate Navigation, orientation memory + path planning
5) Anti-falling, anti-collision and anti-tangling, 360 degree protection
6) Auto re-charge, auto cleaning, free up your time
7) HD camera, Video Call + Security Guard, 360o  Care your home
8) WIFI APP remote control, control your robot at anywhere, anytime
9) Super clean cyclone technology, Sweep + Vacuum Suction + MOP all-in-one
10) 2500 mAh Li-ion battery, 120 – 160 minutes working time
11) HEPA filter + Ultra Fine Air Filter, kept healthy & clean home to you!
12) 6 cleaning modes, apply to different flooring & location

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